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Jessica Wylde went from being a mainstream dancer and Vegas showgirl to one of the most active performers of the video era of adult entertainment. The 5'8" Jessica was born on December 3, 1956 and first made her mark on the Las Vegas strip as a stage dancer in the cast of the "Hallelujah Hollywood" show at the MGM Grand. She backed up such performers as Ann-Margaret and Connie Stevens. Jessica Wylde was a mainstay in porn films from 1984 thru 1990, appearing in over 100 feature adult movies, including such classics as Dirty Dreams, Sex Fifth Avenue and Hypnotic Sensations. Most of Jessica's roles were as a supporting actress; however, she did manage to be the lead fuck babe in a few videos. Jessica left the adult industry in 1990 only to make a comeback as a hot cougar in films from 2001 thru 2004.

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Jessica Wylde at Retro Porn FlixJessica Wylde snapshots from her performances in feature porn movies:

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Jessica Wylde List of Films


Bedtime Stories, Black Valley Girls 2, Le sex de femme 4, The Perfect Brat, Honeybuns 2: Grecian Formula


Inches for Keisha, Princess of Penetration, Tight End


Pornocchio, Throbbin Hood, Extreme Heat, A Sticky Situation, Club Taboo, Creature of the Night

Fantasy Chamber, Guess Who Came at Dinner, Hard Choices, High Rollers

Holiday for Angels, Loose Ends III, On the Loose, Orgies

Sex Lives of the Rich and Beautiful, Star Cuts 54: Jessica Wilde, Switch Hitters

The Insatiable Hyapatia Lee, Where There's Smoke There Is Fire, Chastity and the Starlets


4 Adults Only, Angels of Passion, An Unnatural Act Part II, Beverly Hills Copulator

Bottoms Up! Series 8, California Reaming, Dangerous Curves, Deeper! Harder! Faster!

Dirty Dreams, Garter Charter Tours, Gettin' Ready, Honeymoon Harlots

Living in a Wet Dream, Mad Sex, Mouth Watering, Rough Draft, Science Friction

Secret Dreams, Sexline You're on the Air, Sex-O-Gram, Showgirls, Sin City

Sweet Cheeks, The Erotic Adventures of Dickman & Throbbin, The Girls on F Street

The Ultimate Lover, Suzie Superstar II


Animal Impulse, Country Girl, Dance Fever, Desperately Seeking Suzie

E~3: The 'Extra Testicle', Electric Blue: Beverly Hills Wives, Flesh Fire

Gang Bang, Goin' Down, Gold Diggers, Greek Lady, Hypnotic Sensations

Just Another Pretty Face, Mix-n-Match, Naked Lust, Nice 'n' Tight

Obsession, Orifice Party, Perfect Fit, Personal Best, Portrait of Lust

Rear Ended, Sex Academy, Sexaholic, Sex Fifth Avenue, Sore Throat

Tarot Temptress, Teacher's Favorite Pet, Teenage Games, The Animal in Me

The Girls of 'A' Team, The Idol, The Pornbirds, Video Tramp, Your the Boss


Changing Places, Inside Candy Samples, Penetration 5, The Woman in Pink

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